Tip of the Month: Taking a Holistic Approach

by BlueSky Designs

Tip of the Month: Taking a Holistic Approach

 An important part of the assessment process for professionals is determining the functional needs and desires of their client. Taking a holistic approach can reveal additional benefits to be gained with optimal and secure positioning of devices. Think outside the box. Mounting  systems are typically considered for securing mobile devices.  But they can also be used to assist in performing functional skills like eating, writing and communications. For example, Jordan was able to feed himself for the first time once his plate was elevated and positioned closer to his mouth. A pivotal moment in his life and those caring for him!

BlueSky Designs

Step back and take a moment to consider the everyday needs of your client and how they can be met. Your clients will appreciate the extra effort and you will be satisfied knowing you have made a difference in their lives.


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Exclusive Speech Generating Device (SGD) Funding News from Chris Gibbons

More than two years ago, I joined AbleNet with the goal of building a Speech Generating Device (SGD) Funding Service in the midst of one of the most challenging funding environments in the past 20 years. Medicare funding for SGDs was collapsing, and the national funding structure looked very bleak indeed. After rallying together as stakeholders, lobbying CMS, and eventually inspiring the passage of the Gleason Act, the SGD community succeeded in stabilizing Medicare funding – a huge success with broad repercussions that have already benefited so many!

At AbleNet, we developed an innovative iPad-based SGD solution called the QuickTalker Freestyle. The advent of mobile technology offers unrivaled ease of use and flexibility, and we have worked hard to create a fundable SGD using the iOS platform. The QuickTalker Freestyle is now successfully funded by a variety of insurers, and we look forward to many years of continued success and expansion of funding in the future.

Now, with this program successfully up and running, I am ready for the next challenge. I am therefore transitioning out of AbleNet and am excited to announce that Jamison Hensley and Tom Nikola will continue to represent the funded QuickTalker Freestyle SGD where approved. You can view the insurance programs we currently focus on here.

Jamison Hensley
Territory Sales Manager
Direct: (651) 294-2238
Mobile: (801) 989-8696
Skype: Jamison.Hensley
Email: jhensley@ablenetinc.com
Tom Nikola
North American Account Manager
Direct: (651) 294-2253
Mobile: (614) 282-6595
Skype: tnikola2253
Email: tnikola@ablenetinc.com

Thanks to all of you for your invaluable insights, support, and advocacy the past two years. You are part of an exceptional community, and I look forward to continuing our interaction in the years ahead.


Chris Gibbons, PhD, CCC/SLP
Director of SGD Services
Toll-Free: (800) 322-0956, Ext 2201
Direct: (651) 294-2201
Skype: gibblit
Email: cgibbons@ablenetinc.com