Checklist: Questions to Ask Before and During Your Child’s IEP Meeting

Even if it’s not your first one, IEP meetings can still be confusing at times. Asking questions can help you be more informed, prepared and confident as a member of the IEP team.

Here are some questions you can ask—both before and during an IEP meeting. Keep in mind that not all of the questions will apply to your child or situation.

Questions to Ask Before the IEP Meeting

What is the goal of this IEP meeting?

Can we create an agenda for this meeting?

May I have a copy of my child’s most recent IEP document to follow along as we talk in the meeting?

Could you please provide me with prior access to copies of the notes/reports that we’ll be going over?

Who at the meeting will be qualified to interpret the results of my child’sindependent educational evaluation?

Questions to Ask During the IEP Meeting

How does everyone at the meeting know or work with my child?

Could you tell me about my child’s day so I can understand what it looks like?

Can you explain how what you’re seeing from my child is different from other kids in the classroom?

Could we walk through the current program and IEP plan piece by piece?

How is my child doing in making progress toward his IEP goals?

What changes in goals would the team recommend?

Is this a SMART goal?

How is this goal measured and my child’s progress monitored?

How will my child be assessed according to grade level?

Who will work on that with my child? How? When? Where and how often?

What training does the staff have in this specific intervention?

What does that accommodation/instructional intervention look like in the classroom?

What support will the classroom teacher have in putting theseaccommodations/interventions into place?

What can I do at home to support the IEP goals?

I’d like to see the final IEP before agreeing to any changes suggested at this meeting. When can I see a copy?

When will the changes to his program begin?

How will we let my child know about any program changes?

Can we make a plan for keeping in touch about how everything is going?

May I have a copy of the notes the teacher referenced during this meeting?

If I have questions about the information I’ve been given about my child’s rights, who’s the person to talk to for answers?

Who’s the person to contact if I want to call another meeting?

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