Top Tech Tidbits

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1) The February 2016 issue of AccessWorld hit the web today. The articles within it include: “A Day in the Life: Technology that Assists a Visually Impaired Person Throughout the Day,” “An Overview Survey of Home Appliance Accessibility,” “Reading Remains Fundamental with the Help of NFB-Newsline,” “The AFB Center on Vision Loss: A Showcase of Accessibility and Independence in Daily Living,” “Accessible Personal Finance: ‘Dollars and Sense’ for Blind and Low-Vision Seniors,” “Out of Sight or Out of Sound: There Is Always a Way. Living with a Secondary Hearing Impairment,” “Best Android Apps for People with Low Vision,” “Cruising as a Senior with a Visual Impairment: How to Get the Most Out of Your Adventure,” and “Wrap-up Report from CES 2016.”

2) Chris Hofstader has written an expose about organizations that may be unethically suing businesses in the name of web site accessibility.
(Disclaimer: Flying Blind, LLC neither endorses nor disputes the opinions expressed in this article.)

3) We have a new “Tech Doctor Podcast,” “Apple Accessories Error 53 and New Mac Software:”

4) MAGic version 13.1 offers better localization, support for Microsoft Office 2016, enhanced web browsing and more:

5) BGR brings us “Secret OS X Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Turn Anyone into a Power User:”

6) The release of the first new version of NVDA for 2016 is nearly upon us. The ‘Release Candidate’ is out, demonstrating the new features, such as audio ducking, improvements to Braille output and Braille display support, several significant fixes to Microsoft Office support, and fixes to browse mode in iTunes:

7) Joseph Lee demonstrates the new features (of the ‘Release Candidate’ for the first new version of NVDA for 2016) in version 2016.1, especially audio ducking:

8) AMC, Regal, and Cinemark offer audio description technology at their theaters for first-run movies. Check out ACB’s Audio Description Project for info on audio description at movie theaters and contact your local theater to see if they offer this service:

9) Here you can find listings of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs With Audio Description in 2016:

10) This message from Apple Support explains how to find audio-described content in the iTunes store:

11) Don’t miss Blind Bargains Qast #51:

12) Here’s a list of emoticons and their meaning:

13) Episode 1508 of Eyes on Success introduces us to The Blind Cook:


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