KNFBReader now available for Android

KNFB Reader

KNFB REader.jpg

The KNFB Reader is an app that converts printed text into high quality speech. It provides accurate, fast, and efficient access to both single and multiple page documents. Your mobile device acts as a handheld scanner while the app’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology converts the text into speech.

The initial download of KNFB Reader is free but limited:
• Trial version allows processing of twenty-five documents with all features of the paid version of the app enabled.
• Full version unlocked with an in-app purchase.

Our app allows users to import or capture pictures of virtually any type of printed text. Proprietary document analysis technology determines the words and reads them aloud to the user with high quality text-to-speech.

The app is designed to make printed text accessible to anyone.
It is fully accessible thanks to Google TalkBack and app functionalities such as Field of View Report, Automatic Page Detection, and Tilt Control which guides the blind user in taking the perfect picture. It is compatible with Braille displays and BrailleBack.
With various options to adapt the font type, size and color, background color and the use of double highlighting. Visually impaired people or those with other print disabilities (such as dyslexia) can easily follow what is being read aloud on the screen by watching the cursor move across the document.
From professionals on the move to busy students, everyone can surely benefit from this mobile reading technology to listen to reports or class notes on the go.

• Can read mail, receipts, class handouts, memos and many other documents.
• Fast, accurate and efficient mobile text recognition that delivers near instantaneous results.
• Reading modes for books, articles, labels, bills and memos.
• Synchronized text highlighting with high quality speech and Braille output.
• Field of view report to assist with aligning the camera relative to the document.
• Tilt guidance feature to assist with capturing the perfect picture of a document.
• Automatic text detection to enable hands-free operation.
• Ability to import, OCR, and read image-based pdf and jpg files
• Export txt and html formatted text files to cloud storage services including Dropbox and Google Drive.
• Dropbox synchronisation and backup functionality.
• Batch scan mode to process and read multiple pages. This is made easier if using a stand scan and the Stand scan mode.
• Recognize and read text in multiple languages.
• Tap and read function.
• Additional features including language translation, text editing, and more coming soon.

Fully localized version (user interface, recognition and speech) available for: English, Norwegian (Bokmål), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Turkish and Polish.
Other languages available for speech and recognition only: Finnish

• Optimal experience: Android device with a hexa or octa core CPU, an eight megapixel camera, and Android 5 or 6.
• Less optimal (KNFB Reader will run, but you will notice reduced speed): An Android device with a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, a 5 megapixel camera, and Android version 4.3.

The KNFB Reader is developed by the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and Sensotec NV.
Visit our website at:
Please send feedback and suggestions to: (for the USA) (for the rest of the world)

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