Sitecues Update

Sitecues will soon be delivering significant improvements to your ongoing service. Among other enhancements, end users will have the ability to define their own personal settings for sitecues. As a sitecues customer, this will enhance your website’s user experience for an even more diverse audience.

Now with Personal settings

With personalized settings, users will now be able to adjust color themes and customize their mouse size and color. For many types of eye conditions, these options can be more helpful than page magnification. Our research indicates that these new personal settings will be particularly helpful to individuals with eye conditions such as light sensitivity, eye fatigue, limited visual field, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, muscular dystrophy, dyslexia, and age-related vision loss. In the future, we expect to add additional personal settings options with the aim of supporting other specialized user needs.

Same Intuitive Design

With these improvements, one thing that has not changed is our simple and intuitive interface. We have combined the simplicity of our two button control panel with added options and instructions within an easily-discoverable secondary panel.  Sitecues is dedicated to supporting first-time users without requiring training. And now with personalized settings, we give users who want more the ability to get more out of sitecues.

Additional Features

In addition to personal settings, we are very excited to be offering these new capabilities:

  • User Instructions – the sitecues badge includes an animated how-to guide.  Users can now access concise and interactive “tips” in addition to a full set of instructions. This will help users get more out of your website and sitecues by improving the discovery of basic and advanced features.
  •  Faster Load Times – sitecues is now delivered at a fraction of its former file size, even with the addition of new features. Our code base is now loaded only as-needed, further reducing initial load. This improvement has been driven by customers with stringent page load requirements.
  • User Feedback – end users can now rate sitecues and offer commentary on their experience.  We are confident that this capability will enable us to further improve both our product and the user experience of your website.

We have made many of these improvements in direct response to feedback from our customers and from end users. Our sincere thanks to all who contributed this critical input. These improvements also follow on recent upgrades to our text-to-speech platform and security.

Our Mission

At sitecues, our mission is to make websites easier for people with diverse abilities to see, hear, use, and enjoy. These recent improvements take us one giant step closer to our ultimate goal.  Many thanks to you and to the organizations who support us on our mission. As always, we welcome your feedback.


Marc Zablatsky
Vice President & General Manager

sitecues by Ai Squared | Enable your site with zoom & speech

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