Humanare see things differently: Brilliant Braille Displays


Latest Brailliant Update Brings Windows 10 Support and a Simple, Stable Connection

HumanWare is excited to announce the release of new firmware and drivers for the Brailliant Braille Displays. After updating to Version 2.1 you will experience:

·         Brailliant is now compatible with Windows 10 and other various screen readers, including Jaws 17

·         New support as a Human Interface Device (HID)

·         Instant Connectivity: Connecting the Brailliant to your PC no longer requires the installation of additional USB drivers to recognize the display. Just as you connect a keyboard or mouse, the PC will instantly identify the Brailliant enabling immediate access to your braille display.

·         Improved stability for Brailliant USB connections: Regardless of the number of connected devices that you use, the Brailliant remains connected with your screen reader.

Click here to download the latest Brailliant drivers and firmware.
If you are a Jaws user, ensure that you install the updated Jaws driver from the above Brailliant tool. In future versions of Jaws this will no longer be necessary as this will be included by default.

Best Regards

The HumanWare Team

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