Sitecues® speech is now faster

Sitecues® speech is now faster, more multi-lingual, and more reliable. We have improved the text-to-speech engine for our enterprise-class web accessibility service. Sitecues now features nearly instantaneous speech, is delivered in 23 languages on the Amazon cloud, and includes new security measures. This upgrade is another step in our mission to create a more accessible and usable web.

Those of you who use sitecues regularly may have already noticed that speech is now considerably faster to initiate. Response times to the first word have decreased by 10x, and are now to the point where users will perceive no delay in speech initiation. From our usability testing we have also seen improvements in the accuracy and quality of speech. Collectively, these improvements will help users with learning disabilities and language challenges in their usage, comprehension and retention of websites. International audiences will also benefit, both from expanded multi-lingual capability and from faster in-region speech processing.

Some of the key features of sitecues speech cloud 2.0, include:

51 voices and 23 languages from Amazon’s Ivona
Greater speech accuracy and voice quality
Improved platform reliability
Increased scalability
Additional security measures.

Our Chief Architect, Brian Lima, explains key advances with this platform upgrade. “We have implemented a new architecture that allows sitecues text-to-speech services to scale to meet customer demand worldwide. As we ramp usage, clients can be assured that speech will continue to perform at breakneck speed across all geographies.” Another area of investment is security. “We have applied the latest in active and passive security measures in our host systems to further protect the privacy of customer data. These measures exceed the security requirements applied to government defense industry projects.” Finally, we made improvements to service reliability. “To ensure that users can always benefit from sitecues, we upgraded the entire system with several layers of defense in depth programming.”

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