Introducing Classroom Suite 5

Introducing Classroom Suite 5

Get the latest version of Classroom Suite! For years, Classroom Suite has been an essential learning tool to help students with disabilities, from Pre-K to 5th grade, achieve success in reading, writing, and mathematics in a highly accessible platform.

Classroom Suite provides alternative methods of access to activities, giving every student the opportunity to participate and learn with hundreds of engaging and accessible educational activities.

Educators using Classroom Suite have an amazing set of pre-made, accessible educational activities for practicing essential skills learned in core curriculum. For educators who want to make their own custom activities, there is a powerful set of creativity tools available within the software.

What’s new in Classroom Suite 5?

  • Modernized Experience – all new user interface & thousands of images recreated
  • Improved Stability & Functionality – critical software bug fixes and back-end code refinements
  • Faster Installation – Primary Skill Builders, MathTutor, and ReadingTutor have been integrated into the core Classroom Suite installer

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