Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives

Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives, LLC

Slide-A-Round math manipulatives are manufactured in the United States of a strong, recycled plastic with steel reinforcement to combine durability with function and ease of use. Students of various ages and ability levels can easily manipulate the movable slides as they work to solve problems and check responses to lessons in a cost-effective manner. Teachers love our latest feature which allows the students to snap the movable slides into the back of the main piece when they are finished with a lesson to provide easy storage!

They are also available for low vision and blind students. My VI manipulatives are recommended by APH and are available in 24″ and 32″ sizes.

Incorporating movable, interchangeable slides, Jim have created a number line system that can round whole numbers up to 10,000,000. It can round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000. When he began to show this concept to his colleagues, the response was overwhelmingly positive! Teachers began to ask him to help create manipulatives to address other mathematical standards as well. Therefore, he’s also developed manipulatives that involve weight, elapsed time, decimals/money and fractions. During this process, Jim has consulted with math teachers and specialists, administrators, parents, and students from several different schools and school systems. He has also consulted with an occupational therapist, a hearing specialist, and vision-impaired specialist. Of all of the stakeholders with whom he has worked throughout the initial part of the developmental process, he most values the student input. After all, they are the ones who will use these manipulatives as a vital part of their classroom instruction.

Jim Franklin


• Number line to 10,000,000
• Add/Subtract fractions with different denominators without paper or pencil
• Available in low vision and braille
• Addresses standards involving money, decimals, weight, and elapsed time
• Practice handouts of math problems available for free download on website
• Created by an elementary special education teacher in collaboration with students, colleagues, administrators, occupational therapists, vision and hearing specialists
• Used in all academic settings (regular education, resource, inclusion, self- contained)


2014 Georgia Assistive Technology in Education (GATE) Conference (on December 5th)
2014 Georgia Council for Teachers of Mathematics
2014 Institute Designed for Educating All Students (IDEAS) Conference
2014 Illinois Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders Conference
2013 Alabama Council for Exceptional Children Conference
2013 “Out of Sight” Assistive Technology Conference (in Columbus, OH)
2013 MEGA Conference (in Mobile, AL)
2013 Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children Conference
2012 Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference


National Federation for the Blind Colorado Department of Education
Education World ESVI
Inclusive Schools Network Gallaudet University SW Regional Center
National Center of Deaf- Blindness Autism Speaks!
Teaching Research Institute American Printing House for the Blind
Canadian Teacher Magazine Center for Instructional Supports and
Canadian Deafblind Association Accessible Materials (CISAM)
(Published in Oct 2014) Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education

Elapsed Time Braille (5)

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